NodeBox for data visualizations

I used NodeBox to do a visualization for a recent hackathon project. I wanted to display diaper units sold by brand by U.S. State in a pretty way.

When trying to come up with a hackathon project at work recently, I reflected on the previous week when I brought my 2.5yo daughter to the ER and the doctor outright told me that she was too old to still be in diapers. I thought, hmm, is she right? We have diaper sales data at work. I could see what the average number of months that new mom’s buy diapers for.

When I got home and told my wife, she suggested that it was just because our toddler is in the top 98% percentile for height, and the doctor probably though she was over 3yo, and didn’t really look at the chart.

I decided to do the analysis anyway, and one of the metrics that I pulled out was diaper brand sales, in units, by state. I decided to whip out NodeBox to do the graph, because hackathon’s are often won based on the prettiness of how the results are presented.

I censored the names of the diaper brands, because I’m not sure that I’m supposed to share them, but here’s the chart.
This data is from online purchases of diapers, so it’s interesting that some brands sell better in some states than others, when it’s not an availability issue.

This data is represented similar to the Metallica lyrics analysis presented in the demo on Nodebox’s documentation project.

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