Data analysis presentation tips – Visualizing the time frame

time frame analysis slide
A tip for data analysis presentations is including an analysis of the time frame. I included this in a new client’s presentation and they were unfamiliar with it so I’m sharing it with the world.
You have released a new product or a new feature and you’ve had some time to collect some data. Now it’s time to analyze that data and present some findings.
It’s important to explain the time frame that the data covers, because day of week and day of year does impact usage. You also need a significant number of full weeks, without holidays, to describe weekly usage.
Tip: Always describe the time frame in your presentation
That’s pretty much it. As you can imagine, the best way to visualize this is with a monthly calendar.
When highlighting holidays, I often use a school holiday calendar. The days that the kids are home tend to have the biggest impact on most markets.
title slide
“We collected data for November 15 of last year through February 12 of this year.”
time frame analysis slide
“We had thirteen full weeks of data, which included these holidays.”
There you go, now make this a habit. Don’t forget this slide in your next presentation.
Let me know if you like this tip, and if you were already doing this.