List of available Phoenix Ecto SQL Adapters for Elixir

Here’s a list of SQL databases that Ecto currently has adapters for in 2020, including AWS Redshift, AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB and others.

PostgreSQL 9.0+Out of the boxUses MyXQL
MySQL 5.5+Out of the boxUses Postgrex
MariaDB 10.3+Out of the boxWith MySQL
SQLServer (TDS 7.3,7.4)Out of the boxUses Tds
AWS RedshiftYesNone
AWS DynamoDBBetaWork in progress
MongoDBYesUses mongodb
OracleYesUses Jamdb.Oracle
CassandraYesUses cassandrex
Neo4jYesUses bolt_sips
ClickHouseYesUses clickhousex
GreenplumYesWith PostgreSQL
CDH ImpalaNo
Apache HiveNo
Google BigQueryNo
AWS AuroraYesWith PostgreSQL or MySQL
AWS RDSYesWith PostgreSQL, MySQL,
or SQLServer
Google Cloud SQLYesWith PostgreSQL